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2 definitions of Lupus

Medically- Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body begins to attack its own organs and tissues. Can be mild or life threatening and the cause is unknown, but suspected to be triggered by stress, environmental triggers and possibly genetic.

Holistically- Due to our diet, lack of exercise, increased stress levels, decreased sleep levels, toxic relationships and other factors, the body becomes a toxic environment, because of this the immune system begins to attack itself because these toxins begin to corrupt the body's cells.

Purple Rose Events

Family day at the Getty museum Feb 22 12-5p address
Regina Courtney gospel concert Mar 14 7-10pm
Abundant Family health fair Rancho Cucamonga March 22 10-1 pm
Purple Rose Cruise to Ensenada July 25-29

L's up for Lupus

Purple Rose supports the L's up for Lupus and the Lhandsign movements. Any "L" can be thrown up as long as Lupus is mentioned; Purple Rose supports anything to bring awareness to this disease. We even released the FIRST ever Lupus awareness song and Ringtone Survivor L's up, by Jason Taylor. This song united the Lsupforlupus and Lhandsign movements. This amazing song features Lupus survivors and advocates and proceeds will fund Purple Rose's outreach and awareness programs. Song is available on itunes and google play.

Purple Rose in the community

Purple Rose prides itself on advocacy, support, research and awareness. We also pride ourselves with working with other organizations, advocates, businesses both large and small, to help change the face of Lupus. Purple Rose has attended numerous support groups, advocated for funding on Capitol hill with the LFA (where we were instrumental in getting 2 bills co-sponsored which resulted in additional funding from Congress for Lupus research).

We have also participated in Lupus fashion shows and other events, as you can see, Purple Rose is busy
L's up for Lupus!

The Effects of Lupus

While Purple Rose works tirelessly to spread awareness about Lupus, the harsh reality is Lupus is a disease that can rob you of your life! Symptoms vary from mild to potentially fatal. Our founder Kimberly Dansby has almost died 3 times due to Lupus and has had several Grand Mal seizures and hospitalizations. She has had to become permanently disabled because the disease is so unpredictable and stopped her ability to perform her tasks at work consistently. However, Purple Rose is committed to providing hope and fighting this disease until one day a cure is found. Sure advocacy can seem fun and glamorous, but Purple Rose real ministry is in praying for the sick, hospital visits, attending funerals and supporting families after diagnosis, or even after death.

Lupus Links

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